It’s like, so – you know – wild, man!

If you follow me on Twitter, you have no doubt heard me bitch endlessly mention a time or two that I have a lot of edging to do in my biggest flower garden. And that I am moving a lot of stuff around, planting some new trees and shrubs and putting in a new walk, blah blah blah. I love to put my own imprint on the way things grow. My arms are very very tired.

At the same time though, I also love the way that wildflowers ‘garden” themselves. I get to enjoy it a lot too, since we are surrounded by untamed areas that are chock full of things I didn’t plant. And I don’t have to edge them either.
Like this. I am too lazy to look it up, but it’s a common wildflower around here – just sparkling in the light of a new day.wildflowerThis is chicory – blooming everywhere along the road right now, as well as trying to creep into the edges of my yard.chicoryAnd finally, this combo of Queen Anne’s Lace and another weed. This spot caught my eye when I was walking Riley the other day [trust me, walking Riley and taking photos are not activities that mix gracefully] and I made a note to get back there the next morning. I could never hope to come close to creating a beautiful spot like this.queenanneAnd now – back to the cultivated stuff. I have a lot more to do out there.

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7 Responses to It’s like, so – you know – wild, man!

  1. These photos are AMAZING! They need to be framed on my wall!

  2. Beautiful! I always call that blue one jewel weed–so glad to know it’s chicory;) I think they are as beautiful as our “real” flowers!

  3. Charlane says:

    i love that even weeds can be just gorgeous

  4. Marta says:

    Gardening is hard work! I admire gardeners a lot!
    The thing is, to my ignorant eye, even those weeds look pretty :)

  5. CM says:

    Oh, I am so glad you are finding time to photograph! ….. and share them with us! They are beautiful. There are wild flowers along the path we walk when we walk around Bass Pro (you know that favorite anniversary spot ; )! ) and I enjoy them so much. I know you’re busy …. but little tidbits of pleasure like these photos really make my day!

    I just got a notice that a book about the best flowers to grow in Missouri is in at the library … I can’t wait to get it this evening.

  6. Debbie Jean says:

    beautiful shots!!!

  7. I love gardening… just takes so much time…:)

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