A success disguised as failure?

Hey – if White House Press Secretaries can spin, so can I. Because this is really a failure disguised as – well, pretty much it wasn’t disguised.

It started out well. Ellyn and Jason had been here the weekend before and I had overestimated their banana requirements, which left us 3 extras. Neither of us is fond of plain old bananas, but we certainly like them baked into fattening sweets. I had just made regular banana bread not long ago, so wanted to do something different this time.nanner Sometimes an idea gets into my head and I just can’t let it go. Remember the Lemon Spice Brownies? I thought about that recipe for a least a month before making the first batch, and it took numerous attempts to get them just right.

The idea in my head this time was to combine chocolate with the bananas.chipsSome baking cocoa in the batter and then maybe a few chocolate chips….

So that’s what I did. Putting together just the right combination of ingredients to yield just what I was looking for – something moist and dense and richly chocolate.loaf Looks mighty tasty doesn’t it?

Well. Not exactly. 3 bananas were too many. Not quite enough flour. And I pulled it out of the oven sooner than I should have. I will spare you the sight of the cut slices – not pretty. Not that we didn’t eat most of it. ‘Cause there were Ghirardelli chocolate chips in there and you don’t waste those babies.

Still, worth fiddling with. Just a little tweek here and there…. I have a couple bananas ripening on the counter as we speak and sometime over the weekend, I will go for it again. That is just the sacrificial kind of blogger I am – anything for you guys!

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15 Responses to A success disguised as failure?

  1. Cam says:

    I’ll volunteer to be a guinea pig lol. Looks/sounds good!

  2. Daryl says:

    Next time I pass the shop I am getting you some Jacques Torres baking chocolate …

  3. Trisha says:

    Thank you for you undending efforts to create wonderful food for US! Now, if only we could taste is through the blog . . .

  4. Charlane says:

    ohhhh, bummer that it didn’t turn out well. but at least you keep on trying – I was watching a cooking show recently that said never give up on the first try.

  5. annbb says:

    Looks pretty darn good to me!

    I sometimes have trouble getting banana bread to be done in the middle without being nearly burnt around the edges. Then again, I’m an abysmal baker. I can easily screw up a boxed cake mix. (sigh)

  6. Janis says:

    Looks great, D! A warmed slice with some butter sounds pretty good right now.

  7. CM says:

    It occurred to me the other day why recipe days aren’t my favorites. I love the photos, even though they make me drool and cause me to covet. But I don’t know how to comment on recipes. After I’ve made a wise crack about who’s holding the fork … I just don’t know what else to say …. “way to simmer Dlyn!” ……. “I love the shape of your onion chops” ….. but today I can comment . Please work on this recipe! … this looks like my kind of recipe … lots of chocolate and no raisins. I love banana bread and banana bread with chocolate would be the ultimate!

  8. Ashleigh says:

    Looks good. Now if I could only taste it.

  9. ellyn says:

    I like the new header. It seems fitting to have the infamous banana bowl on this post.

    I would be willing to give your new invention a try. If you made me.

  10. Kate says:

    This is hilarious. The stuff you come up with . . .

  11. Laura says:

    i wish i could be your taster~

  12. Brenda Kula says:

    I seem to lack creativity totally when it comes to food. I have often wondered why this is. As I seem to find it in so many other places. Chocolate? Can’t go wrong with chocolate.

  13. I was planning to bake a banana bread but too busy to move over my blog to the new domain. Maybe I should stop for a while after seeing your beautiful one : )

  14. Jamie says:

    Actually, it looks delicious, but then again, I know how it is to be a baking perfectionist and not be quite happy with results. AND having to eat the entire thing myself because everyone else turns their nose up at it! *sigh* The life of a passionate baker! But your chocolate banana bread still looks luscious.

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