Chocolate Banana Bread

This post has been updated and moved to my new blog.
You can find it here: Double Chocolate Banana Bread on The Creekside Cook

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12 Responses to Chocolate Banana Bread

  1. Charlane says:

    I’m glad someone else doesn’t think bananas are all that. That’s why I never really liked banana bread….but this one could be a keeper.

  2. JHS says:

    I love bananas and banana bread, but this could make me love them even more. Yowza, that looks yummy.

    Thanks for letting me know about BlogHer, too. I had no idea.

  3. Weezee says:

    yuuummmm we will try this. Maybe for Easter breakfast!

  4. Daryl says:

    I dont understand .. I keep saying I am drooling over these posts, I wish I had this to taste, enjoy and yet none of it arrives … sigh …

  5. tj says:

    …Is that for sale? lol… :o) Goodness sakes, that looks like total YUM!

    …Thanks for the recipe! I’ve got some bananas aging on the kitchen island as we speak…

    …Happy Easter and blessings too… :o)

  6. Janis says:

    I never loved banana’s much, either. I remember telling my mom when I was kid that I would like banana’s if they tasted the way I thought they should taste. :D However, because they are beneficial to health, I try to eat one every morning. Now that I have a couple banana’s that are almost too ripe to eat, I’ll set them aside and give this bread a try. It looks delicious! And since I don’t have any plain yogurt, I think I’ll use sour cream instead. Will add more calories, but oh well. :D

  7. Joyce says:

    Now why do I think I will have a craving for chocolate banana bread tonight? Wow!

  8. noble pig says:

    Just beautiful! I love bananas!

  9. Oh this sounds awesome. So much chocolate!

  10. Kate says:

    I’ve been saving this in my Tastespotting favorites; finally going to make it this weekend. It’s the first chocolate-banana bread recipe I’ve come across, believe it or not, so I’m excited!

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