Morning Moon

The moon wasn’t ready to give way to the day this morning.moon in the morning

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6 Responses to Morning Moon

  1. Donalyn says:

    Thanks Jeanelle – glad that you like it :)

  2. Cousin Mark says:

    Now that makes my day! What a wonderful photo of one of my favorite subjects! (I’m starting to worry I’m part werewolf, as I find myself watching the cycles of the moon more … maybe it’s just an age thing … I’ll know it is if I buy a Farmer’s Almanac!) This month the moon has been striking! I try to get photos but the ‘ol phone camera doesn’t even come out! You’re my picture takerer hero!

  3. Janis says:

    Wow, gorgeous shot!

  4. Louise says:

    Wow! How gorgeous is that!

  5. susanboldman says:

    Beautiful! Thanks. And now-Goodnight, Moon.

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