Oh my golly

I hate running on and on about cliches and using tired phrases like “time flies”, but time really DOES fly. And it doesn’t feel like a cliche when your oldest grandchild has his first day of Kindergarten. I talked to him last night and Kindergarten “is really cool”. Just last weekend though, he told me that he doesn’t mind if I still occasionally want to “hold him like a baby, even though I’m pretty big”. I guess time hasn’t flown too much yet.

photo courtesy of son in law’s cell phone
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10 Responses to Oh my golly

  1. Janis says:

    Oh my goodness, he’s grown up so fast! I can’t believe he’s in kindergarten! What a sweetheart!

  2. Neil says:

    Have a look at his eyes, although he doesn’t look like a kindergarten kid.

  3. CM says:

    He is such a “cool” kid! … one of my favorites! (and he has a nice respectable name!)

  4. Ashleigh says:

    Wow. when did he get so big? Time does fly!


  5. Ellyn says:

    Jeesh..Thanks a lot. Now I’m gonna cry all over again.

  6. Kate says:

    I can’t believe he’s in kindergarten. I remember him a LOT smaller! He looks soooo grown up.

  7. Louise says:

    He does look so grown up. Unbelievable he’s already in Kindergarten.
    I’m glad he’s still willing to be a little boy now and again.

  8. Rita Reyes says:

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  9. Donna S. says:

    It goes so fast!! My oldest grandson will be 12 in a few months!! Unbelieveable!!! And probably the last baby is 19 months old. Wah!!!

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