Downright tropical

It has been a gorgeous summer here – lots of beautiful sunny hot days, some good whomping thunderstorms, followed by a day of lower humidity, and slowly building back up to some steamy humid days which break with the next wave of thunderstorms. The daylilies glory in this weather, and though the early dryness has diminished their bloom a bit, you would never know it these days. It is not unusual to see perfect strangers slow down to get a better look at the flowers and the other day when I was walking Riley, a woman stopped her car at the top of the driveway to tell me how much she enjoys my garden all summer. I thanked her graciously, while inside I am doing fist pumps and going “yesssssssssss!”

This is a daylily called “South Seas”. I got it from a plantsman in West Virginia a few years ago, when he was selling some of his excess nursery stock on ebay. The name reminds me of summer evenings spent at the Little League field up the street from our house, watching my little brothers play. We sat on the on the rickety wooden bleachers, drinking Kies soda, bottled just a few blocks from the field. “South Seas” was a favorite flavor, what with it tasting so exotic and all. It actually tasted like fizzy Hawiian Punch, but I guess our palates were not exactly discerning at that point. We paired it with Nestle Crunch bars and Sweet Tarts – perfect for watching sweaty little boys fumble their way around in the last of the early evening sun.daylily south seasSo tell me – how is summer going where you are?

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4 Responses to Downright tropical

  1. Trisha says:

    Isn’t it fun how certain things bring back memoried like that?

  2. Louise says:

    I remember that soda! I think the Birch Beer was better, but South Seas was definitely one of the favs!
    Gorgeous lilys. I suspect by the time we make it out there they will have peaked already. Can yhou slow them down a bit?

  3. Cheryl says:

    Hey friend,
    I cannot believe I have not been visiting your new site nearly enough! I really loved the picture you created in my mind of the summer evening ball games and the soda!
    You are so right…it has been one of those summers. Sadly, my lilies have all but gone by but I do have some pictured on my blog. Check them out:)

  4. Donalyn says:

    Hi Cheryl – it is nice to see you again! I will go take a look at your photos. Since starting DessertStalking, I don’t get around to read blogs as much as I would like either.

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