Wednesday gives you wings!

All things that fly this week.

A couple of people have asked about Mr Wren and his family. These first two photos are of either Mr Wren or Mrs Wren – they look just alike to me, so I don’t who this is. I do know that he or she wanted to go and feed this lovely juicy worm/caperpillar/somethingorother to the baby wrens and my presence in the garden kept them from doing so. They won’t go in the birdhouse when there is someone close by because they don’t want to lead a predator to their family.wren “Get lost wouldja?”wren2 Some kind of tiny bee on a Queen Anne’s Lace flower head.tiny_beeA dragonfly on my arch nemesis, the bamboo. He was on another leaf, at a bad angle, so I said “C’mon buddy, just hop out here where I can see you better.” And just like that, he did!dragonflyI will probably look this up and come back later to lable what exact butter fly this is, but right now, I just want to get this posted. I think it is some kind of skipper. I love the tiny dots of blue on his body.tiny_butterflyLook at the eye on this young hummingbird. If hummingbirds were the size of eagles, that eye would freeze you in your tracks. Remember this fierce gaze – later this week, I will have a story about the true nature of hummingbirds.hummingbird_07_29My personal favorite this week – a Sphynx moth out in the front garden. Bird books always warn you not to confuse these with hummingbirds, but really they don’t look that much alike. He was very obliging and let me get several really nice shots of him.sphynx_moth

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

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20 Responses to Wednesday gives you wings!

  1. Bear Naked says:

    That bird’s look is priceless.
    I can almost hear him saying “Do you mind!”

    Bear((( )))

  2. Ness says:

    My favorite is the hummingbird with the attitude! All pics are beautiful. You are so talented. I have never seen a bird with a worm in its mouth. You are educating me.

  3. Trisha says:

    As always – you have posted amazing photos. You certainly have the eye and the patience for it! Have you ever enlarged any of your photos and framed them? They would be beautiful.

  4. Debbie says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful and priceless. I love the hummingbird one. Thanks for sharing!!!

    God Bless~

  5. Ashmystir says:

    Brillant job Dlyn. I’ll never look at nature the same way again. Very awe inspiring.


  6. Mental P Mama says:

    Each shot is better than the one before! What a magical place you have there…

  7. noble pig says:

    Wow, does National Geographic know about you yet? Cool!

  8. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    You must have an amazing camera–and you’re an amazing photographer. The expression on the hummingbird is priceless. i also love the wren with worm and the sphinx moth.

  9. HeyJules says:

    You’ve been really busy lately! My goodness!

  10. dlyn says:

    Thank you everyone – glad that you enjoyed them. It does seem like an especially blessed summer, imagewise. Maybe it is because I look at things more closely than I did before I got the new camera?

    Trisha – I do sometimes get them printed as gifts or to hang in my own house. I’ve even sold a few here and there.

  11. Mary says:

    What terrific shots! Love the Sphinx moth — how cool is that?!

  12. TSannie says:

    That hummer doesn’t look any too happy you took his photo. Probably in witness protection.

    And the Sphynx moth is lovely. Never seen one here in CT.

  13. Country Girl says:

    Wow! You hit the jackpot with all the little critters today! What excellent catches you’ve got here. Wwe used to have a Sphynx moth coming regularly to visit my flowers where I would sit on my porch back at the other house. They’re huge!

  14. CM says:

    Awesome, jaw dropping photos and they have me showing my co-workers. We have the Sphynx moth here too and they usually get my attention thinking they are hummingbirds at first ( Miss Know-it-All). I am very intrigued by them. One of my artist and experienced landscaper co-workers, that sits beside me, says that you have quite an artistic eye. I told her that I certainly agree and proceeded to show her all your latest photos. You’re awesome! They also make one of my vanpool riders green with envy …. she wants a Nikon D80 so bad!

    By the way … do you know what Augh Vaugh means? (Usually said very slowly and expressively, while clamping your hand over your mouth.) Ellyn is going to be asking you, I think. I think that is a Maine saying, not a New York thing. I thought you might remember from your Maniac days. Check out my little story in today’s comments on A Little Piece of Heaven.

  15. asthmagirl says:

    That moth gives me the chills. I don’t do moths well! The photos are amazing though! Wow!

  16. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    if your humming birds are like ours they are mean buggars we watch them daily fighting and dive bombing each other from the feeders… but they are SO amazing to watch… I dont think we have that moth here?? so cool of a pic though… as always your pics just amaze me!
    thank you

  17. Lara says:

    beautiful wings! this post is really awsome!

  18. amber alerts says:

    I really enjoy the pictures you take, especially the pictures of the humming birds, do you think you could possibly catch one mid flight?

  19. Flea says:

    Now see, I used to confuse those sphinx moths with hummingbirds, but mostly because I’d seen very few actual hummingbirds.

    I’m so glad Mr. and Mrs. Wren are doing well!

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