Woo-hoo! I get something cool :)

Back in the middle of September, I got an email about a post I had done over the summer about The Flavor Bible.  The authors of that fine book were celebrating the one year anniversay of its publication and asked me if I would like to reference that post again as a way to help draw attention to the anniversary. So – I happily Tweeted a link back to it, because I do love that book and use it often. They also asked for my mailing address which I emailed back and promptly forgot the whole thing.

Until the other day that is.  The authors, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg have a brand new book, called “The New American Chef”, and in thanks for my lowly little tweet, they sent me a signed copy.nac1I am still beside myself.
nac2And I am just starting it, but I already love it. In addition to being packed full of great information about how American Chefs are using cuisine and techniques from all over the world, it has gorgeous black and white photography by Michael Donnelly.nac3Many thanks to Karen and Andrew. Your book is awesome and so are both of you. Wanna come over for dinner?

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10 Responses to Woo-hoo! I get something cool :)

  1. sherri says:

    Good for you! A great book indeed.

  2. Flea says:

    How very cool is that? Congratulations!

  3. CM says:

    Yes, I’ve told you I want to come over for dinner many times … and I will do the dishes! Congratulations! …. it does my heart good when good things happen to you!

  4. Anna B. says:


    Now that I am unemployed, I am enjoying filling my freezer with good eats!! I’ll have to look into this book!

  5. annbb says:

    That’s all kinds of wonderful!

  6. Egghead says:

    Yay for you!!! Looks like a great book and um, yes I will come for dinner.

  7. Why, yes, I’d be delighted…Congrats!

  8. Trisha says:

    Wow! Personalized and everything! You rock! No wonder your recipes all sound so good! You have a lot of experience with such great cookbooks to draw from!

  9. ellyn says:

    Congratulations! Now get to cooking.

  10. Astaryth says:

    That is sooo cool! Go You!

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