Spring Antithesis

No more bright lime-green spring leaves for this elm. It was once a majestic and stately tree, dominating the area in the upper barnyard where it sits. It’s been dead as long as I can remember but I absolutely love it.grey

Juicy, full of life, springing forth with exuberance. Called Japanese Knotweed, it shot out of the ground a couple years ago, and grows about 3 feet a year. It’s nuisance and I will probably take the pruners to it before long. green

Disparity. Contrast. Antipodean. Oppugnant. Contrariety. Incongruous.
I like to break out the Thesaurus on a Friday morning.

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11 Responses to Spring Antithesis

  1. Charlane says:

    a great contrast indeed. beautiful shots

  2. Daryl says:

    Oh I love those words, they are so mouth moving satisfying. And the pix is good too ;-)

  3. Trisha says:

    As a self-proclamed word geek – the thesaurus is a wonderful friend! Love your words today!

  4. Pearl says:

    beautiful photos.

  5. noble pig says:

    The tree almost looks like it has antlers.

  6. CM says:

    Okay …. you can knock it off! I’ve told you that I like it when you upgrade my vocabulary …. but one word at a time please! (And I’m not even at work where I have my nifty difty toolbar dictionary.

    I hope you had a good visit with my Dad today. I’m home today helping a college son try and find a 2nd summer job and spending time with him.

  7. Debbie Jean says:

    We have a dead tree also which should come down but I love the way it looks. It does sprout some leaves but not like it should. I wish I had your picture taking talent!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  8. Kate says:

    Holy vocabulary, Batman! Those words rock!

  9. Molly says:

    Love those words, but I think I love the tree even more.

  10. Hi! I finally made my way over here and am so glad I did! I am enjoying your blog so much!! Great pics!

  11. elk says:

    what could be better than a thesaurus and your images to match …as always your space is lovely ~elk

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