First off – Kacey, over at Wine on the Keyboard, is having her monthly photo contest, and for once I actually remembered to enter.  You can find the contest here, and there are lots of lovely entries.  The theme for this month is flowers.  My entry is “Painted Tulips”, and if you feel like giving me a vote, I’d appreciate it, but even if you vote for one of the other lovely offerings, you should go and take a look, because there are some real beauties there!


When I plant a tree in my yard, I always have a sense of inadequacy.  The size of tree that I can afford, not to mention the work involved in planting a very large tree, limits me quite a lot.   So, most of the trees I put in our yard and garden are pretty small.  We are surrounded by huge old trees that have grown here wild, so my tree-envy is understandable.
In the spirit of full disclosure, and because he reads my blog, I should mention here that when it comes to planting a tree, and I say “I”, who I really mean is “he”.  “He”, as in Larry.  I have planted some smallish trees, but anything bigger than a couple gallons, and I have to enter into negotiations with the digger-of-large-holes, otherwise known as my husband. 

In any case, the tree I am writing about today is my Prairie Fire crabapple tree.  You can read another post about it here.  That post is about Larry too, come to think of it. 

Anyway – for some reason I am unaccountably thrilled when a bird sits in a tree I have planted.  That tree become a “real” tree when a bird deems it suitable for perching upon.  I am pretty sure the tree gets a kick out of it too.  And when the bird in question just happens to be our state bird, one that was nearly extinct not all that long ago, and one that we don’t get to see nearly as often as we would like?  Well, the tree and I are just that much more certain that we have arrived.

Eastern Bluebird

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9 Responses to Validation

  1. Trisha says:

    I am jealous! I have never seen a bluebird in real life and you have one sitting on your little tree! How fun!

  2. annbb says:

    I’ve never seen a bluebird here in CT. In MO, they’re all over the place. My parents have a bluebird nesting at their MO home. Or I should say did. A black snake got into the box yesterday. It wasn’t a happy outcome for the baby birds.

  3. Flea says:

    Congratulations! The bluebird of happiness is adorable. The tree’s not bad looking either. ;)

  4. Daryl says:

    What a sweet tree and with a bird adorning it … perfection! I had no idea the Eastern Bluebird was our state bird or that it was ever in danger of being extinct … I always thought the state bird was the pigeon .. no, I didnt, I am kidding …

  5. Weezee says:

    Just gorgeous. Jackaroo has had his eye on the tree for a while. LOL

  6. ellyn says:

    I used to get flocks of bluebirds in my little garden in VA. I miss that here. He was a cute little reminder though. Thanks.

  7. Kate says:

    Perfect title for this post. Beautiful photo as well!

  8. Your photos are so gorgeous! Love it. A taste of spring here at my ugly desk. :)

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