Bad Hair Day

No, not me, though I do need a trim.  This poor guy, and all of his relatives.goldfThey are all out there at the feeders, trying to ignore the terrible job their hair stylist did on their chunky highlights. Don’t worry little goldfinch, it will grow out, but I think I would find someone new, the next time you feel the need for an updated look.

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7 Responses to Bad Hair Day

  1. Ooo, those poor little critters..:) I actually like his looks. Great shot too!

  2. Charlane says:

    :) what a little cutie

  3. ellyn says:

    You should ask him who he goes to so you don’t make the same mistake he did.

  4. Daryl says:

    they are the cutest little birds

  5. Flea says:

    Poor little things. I know a good stylist in Tulsa if they like to travel. Same girl who used to do Bessie’s hair.

    The dress is on its way! You should be seeing it next weekend! I’m so excited!!

  6. Brenda Kula says:

    My poor little yard birds area seeking shelter. It’s been raining and hailing. Hope they find a good spot till it’s over.

  7. Pearl says:

    you know, those highlights are pretty cool! :)

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