Buttermilk Corn Bread

This recipe has been update and moved to the new blog.
You can now find it here: Buttermilk Cornbread

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  1. Cam says:

    I’m going to make this next week – Thanks for sharing!

  2. CM says:

    Dare I say anything about three recipes in one week? …. no I won’t even mention it. ; )

  3. Daryl says:

    Yum ..

    So tell me, do you change the pix in the header yourself manually or do you have some sort of program that rotates them? I was thinking of doing something similar ..

  4. Kate says:

    I love cornbread. Maybe I can get my husband to make some for dinner. I hear him out in the kitchen right now. I’m going to show him this recipe.
    I am so loving this new look for you. I love the crispness and the interesting use of white space. It’s making me want to switch, but I’ll probably sit tight.

  5. Donalyn says:

    You’re welcome Cam – hope you love it!

    CM – 3 recipes per week is the goal actually – they pays the bills. And I’m going to cook anyway, so I may as well share :)

    Daryl – the WordPress theme I am using, which is called Prime Press, has a widgety thing in it that changes the headers randomly – I just put them togther, load them onto my server and the blog does the rest. I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find a similar thing for Blogger.

    Kate – It was an enormous pain in the butt to switch but I am glad that I did it. I still have a ton of photos to move – I am somewhere in December of 2008 still and moving backward. It gives me a headache just thinking about it. You could use WordPress.com for your blog because with the exception of your Etsy link, you don’t have ads. I have to use WordPress.org because I do run ads. I would not tell someone to move to WP if they were satisfied with Blogger[and there are some things about Blogger I still miss], but it is worth the trouble if you want more flexibility. I should also mention that I used to own a web design business, so I do have some experience in making things on a website look just the way I want them to, but there are plenty of themes, that look great as is.

  6. Brenda Kula says:

    I grew up in Oklahoma with cornbread on the table most any meal save for breakfast, which had biscuits instead. I remember having cornbread and milk together in a glass, which sounds odd to me now. But was delicious then. I grew up with my great-grandmother on a little patch of land with chickens and roosters and green, green grass. Fresh vegetables from the big garden. Canned ones gleaming from the plain shelves in the storm cellar. I had cornbread just today, in fact.

  7. Weezee says:

    MMMMM I already have some of this. I think I will go have a piece. Its good for a cold, don’t you agree?

  8. Cam says:

    porcupine meatballs now on the stove simmering – having it with broccoli too. Will be a first time meal :)

  9. Jo says:

    oh yummy! I love it :) and I haven’t told you lately how much I LOVE your blog… the recipes, the photos… reading here just always makes me *happy*


  10. annbb says:

    Can you gain weight just by reading recipes? Yes? O dear, I think even that won’t stop me.
    Looks delicious!

  11. Do you have a great recipe for hot cakes? Cooked on the stove top corn bread like pan cakes, but so much better?

  12. Charlane says:

    I love really great cornbread too…and I love it in a cast iron baking dish of some sort.

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  15. Beth says:

    Looks delicious! With all of that lovely, tangy buttermilk, is there supposed to be baking soda in the recipe?

  16. Jack says:

    I took the batter, and placed it atop a pan of leftover chili, then baked for 40 minutes. Delicious!

  17. Donalyn says:

    tokenblogger – I apologize for not answering your question sooner, but I don’t have a hotcake recipe specifically. I do have one for corn pancakes, that you can find here – http://dlynz.com/?p=2938 – hope it comes close to what you are looking for.

    Jack – that sounds really tasty!

  18. Miss Rachel says:

    Oh man it does look good! I love cornbread and will be making some of this the next time I make beans and Spanish rice for dinner or if we have chili.

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  20. Paige says:

    I’m eating this while I type! It’s delicious but I made a few changes. Instead of a “glug” more, I added 1/2 a cup more of buttermilk. I may even add more next time because I like my cornbread extremely moist. I also added a 1/2 tbsp more sugar and once again I may add more next time. It’s a bit dull bit other than that it’s awesome! This is my first time making cornbread and it turned out almost restaurant quality!

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