10 people – 5 minutes

I stole this from Facebook where I have roughly 173 tags piled up that I will very likely never have time to do. This one is easy and I haven’t blogged anything similar, so I am invoking the busy, overworked, out of time bloggers supreme rule – I can put whatever I want on my blog – even content from my Facebook page.

It’s simple:
Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a list of the 10 people you would like to spend 5 minutes with. The list may include past historical figures or famous celebrities. Or anyone really. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged.

1. Gotta be Jesus. I don’t think we would talk necessarily. I would just like to sit next to Him.

2. My oldest brother – he is getting married tomorrow and I can’t be there.

3. Our younger daughter Lauren – if you hang out here, you know why. It won’t be much longer.

4. C.S. Lewis

5. J. R. R. Tolkein He and the gentleman right above were good friends, so maybe we could meet together.

6. James – author of my favorite book of the Bible.

7. Piet Oudolf – one of my favorite gardening authors

8. Ansel Adams – for obvious reasons

9. Ayn Rand – while I have always loved her books, she was missing a rather large piece of the puzzle. I wonder if her perspective has changed at all. I’m guessing that it has.

10. Leon Russell – he can just sing “Back to the Island” for me.

I’m not going to tag any specific people – grab it if you like and come back to let me know so I can come and enjoy your list.

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6 Responses to 10 people – 5 minutes

  1. Ashleigh says:

    I’m with you omn #1 and #8.

    Good people!

  2. CM says:

    What!? ….. my cousin, who happens to be exactly my age, is getting married tomorrow and I had to find this out on your blog!!!????

    Congratulations Scott! …. on Valentine’s Day … Aw-w-w-w!

    I have no idea who Ansel Adams is …. so it’s not obvious to me …. (airing my ignorance again on a National Blog!)

    I just know that I was #11 on your list …… but you had to limit it to 10! I understand … sorta. : ) Would I move up on your list if you knew that I used your English Muffin Bread recipe last night and I, even I , actually made homemade bread? It was so good toasted this morning with real melted butter on it. Thanks for making a chef out of me!

    And if I could pick from your list it would be #6. He must have been an amazing person to have grown up with Jesus but not believed in Him until later ……. and also he wrote some amazing things.

  3. CM says:

    I get it …. Ansel Adams …… photography …… duh!

  4. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    It would be awesome to hang out with Tolkien and Lewis. Meet them at their favorite pub and just natter away over a beer. Great choices.

  5. bermudabluez says:

    All very good choices!

  6. msdewberry says:

    Good list! Sorry you missed your brother’s wedding.
    Mine is up today. Better late than never!! Go and check it out!

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