For reals?

See this? It’s the little run-off creek that is right outside my back door. It only runs if the ground is very saturated with water. That water right there was snow just a few days ago, before the weather warmed up a bit, finally. Not that it has stayed warm, cause it was snowing again this very morning. But – I’m not complaining about the weather – I’m looking on the bright side! Water that used to be snow!creek runningNow these poor snowdrops have been through the wringer this spring. They have emerged, only to be buried with snow again, no fewer than four times in the last couple weeks. Do we hear them complaining? Nope.These right here? Larry’s crocuses. Ever an impatient soul, Larry doesn’t like to wait for stuff to happen, so he planted his crocuses on top of the septic tank where the ground is warmer than anywhere else on the place. We won’t go into the fact they are planted in straight lines – the man is a carpenter and he likes things to come out evenly. When he’s not looking, I go out and poke some in the ground in scattered spots. “Look honey – your crocuses are naturalizing!”crocusAnd what might this be? The beginning emergence of daffodils? Tulips? Hyacinths, maybe? None of the above – that is garlic! We just used the last of the 2010 garlic the other day, so I would call that a successful experiment. He planted twice as much last fall, and now it is all coming up.garlic sprouting

Spring is coming Spring is coming Spring is coming Spring is coming Spring is coming

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4 Responses to For reals?

  1. Kate says:

    Yep, your spring is really coming. I think it’s hilarious that he planted the crocus where he did – in straight lines, no less! And you, doing the ‘naturalizing’. This is great.

  2. Donalyn says:

    Don’t tell, Kate, okay?

  3. Ellyn says:

    All lovely. Especially the garlic. Tasty stuff. When can we come and help harvest? Because we are generous like that.

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