Saturday Music on Sunday – Glenn Kaiser

I didn’t forget – I just wanted to wait for Sunday, cause this will get you rocking and thanking God that He gave you ears to hear. Twenty five years or so ago, when I first became a Christian, it was kind of a struggle to find music I could relate to a whole lot. “Church” music became an acquired taste for me, something I appreciate much more now than I did back then. Along the way I found artists playing music that was a spiritual blessing while still appealing to my little old old rock and roller, blues loving soul. Glenn Kaiser has been a favorite for years. You oughta turn up your speakers just a mite before you click the play button on this one.

Here are a few of his albums that I keep in my music mix most of the time
A “best of” with lots of his most played cuts: Glenn Kaiser Blues Heaven II
Hymns – my new favorite of his: Glenn Kaiser Bound for Glory

blessings on your day ….

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