japanese irisThis almost-blooming Japanese Iris looks like a delicate little thing, doesn’t it? I got the original plant from my friend Judy, when I was working at her and husband’s greenhouses. I had admired the huge clump of them that she had for several years and one spring the two of us decided that we should dig up some of them for me to take home. Which turned out to be easier said than done, and we finally resorted to a pickaxe to pull one small section of it up.

Then last summer, we decided that the clump of mine were not in a great place, and had to be moved. Larry offered to dig them up for me, which was a huge relief because he is much better with a pickaxe than I am. He got it all loosened up and still could not get them to let go of where they were, so, farmer that he is, he threw a chain around the whole deal and yanked it out with the pickup truck. We split them up and planted them all over the place, including several little bunches in the front garden. This year, they bloomed better we have ever seen them, so we were right to think they weren’t very happy before. You would not think something that looks this pretty, would require the use of heavy digging equipment though, would you? I tell you – gardening is not for wimps!

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6 Responses to Delicate?

  1. Amy says:

    Ha! No it’s not. After an afternoon in my garden, Paul always says it looks like I was involved in hand to hand combat; the dirt, the sweat, the heaving breathing. It’s lovely…my 4Y0 would love the hint of purple.

  2. Donalyn says:

    Exactly right Amy – but that is why I love it. All that battling the elements and wild creatures and stuff, right?

  3. tj says:

    …I love these. My yellow ones are done but my purple ones are in full bloom right now…great all around plant! :o)

    …And I feel your pain about transplanting these! Geez a lou’, for such a delicate looking plant they sure do anchor themselves well! lol…

    …Blessin’s… :o)

  4. Donalyn says:

    Oh – I love the yellow ones tj – I need to get some of those!

  5. I tried to dig up a stand of these very same iris that had been in my mother’s garden for a generation. It was like digging through concrete! I used to have a few dozen of these but this year I only see a handful coming up. I hope I didn’t loose any.

  6. Donalyn says:

    Hi Jim – I think they are supposed to do better if you dig them up [backhoe anyone?] every now and again and divide them, but my friend Judy’s bunch had been there for years and bloomed like crazy. They do seem incredibly tough, but you never know in the garden – sometimes the toughest plant can south on you for no apparent reason.

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