Skywatch Friday


My first week with Tom Wigley’s Friday Skywatch group. You can go to his blog to join in or just to check out all the photos. Here is my entry for this week – I am sure you are shocked that it is the sky seen through my garden. 3:00PM on a July afternoon in Upstate NY. Another reason for my neighbors to say “Why is she laying on the ground with that camera? Don’t you think she would get up and pull a few weeds every now and again?”skywatch07_11

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24 Responses to Skywatch Friday

  1. Daryl says:

    First .. its nice to ‘meet’ you .. .any ‘friend’ of Mental’s is friend of mine!

    Welcome to Sky Watch .. that’s a wonderful perspective … I love looking at things differently.

    And your wordle is wonderful


  2. WillThink4Wine says:

    Welcome to Sky Watch! Personally, I think it’s a great view! Never mind your neighbors! haha!

  3. illusivejoy says:

    Beautiful Picture! I love the perspective.

  4. Britt-Arnhild says:

    “A few weeds” are always just charming :-)

  5. noble pig says:

    Love it, so crisp and clean looking.

  6. Ashmystir says:

    lovely. Looks tropical.


  7. TSannie says:

    What a great photo! Much better taking that than to weed! Not only that, a photo lasts forever, a weeded garden about a week…then they’re back!

    Great SWF!

  8. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    I love those sharp blue skies of summer.

  9. Flea says:

    I love the idea of laying on the ground for a sky shot! Will have to try it. Once I’m dressed – not sure the neighbors would appreciate it otherwise. :) Yours is great!

  10. Old Wom Tigley says:

    Welcome to Sky Watch.. I took a similar picture my self this week.
    Unfortunately Tom is on bed rest today and for the first time you are stuck with me. I have my orders to visit as many as I can, and make sure the links are working and everyone is being good. I am sure you are all being good.
    Tom and I thank you for Sky-Watching this week. I am sure that as soon as Tom’s heart beat settles down he will be back here and visiting.


  11. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    Awesome shot!

  12. Mental P Mama says:

    Fantastic! After you finish your weeding, will you come help me?

  13. Dr.John says:

    A beautiful picture. Now get up and pull those weeds.

  14. Louise says:

    Terrific Sky watch! It’s only my second one, but welcome, anyway. And thanks for stopping by.

    I think the sign of a true photographer is things like lying down or standing on top of strange things for just the right angle!

  15. dlyn says:

    At least you can be sure if took a photo of it, I weeded it first – I am too vain to have photos of weeds around the internets!

    Thanks for the new visitors – glad to see you stopping by and I will get to your blogs over the weekend if I haven’t already.

    To my bloggy friends – hi & hugs all around :)

  16. Bear Naked says:

    That is an amazing shot.
    Just beautiful.


  17. Jane Marie says:

    Maybe your neighbors didn’t know that you already pulled weeds and were just taking a break. Good shot!

  18. babooshka says:

    Wlcome to skywatch. Always iinteresting to see how others view the sky. Love this upwards shot. Well done.

  19. Ellyn says:

    What a pretty sky.
    Your nieghbors already think your nuts so don’t think that laying on the ground in your yard is going to suddenly convince them. If nothing else it will reaffirm what they have known for years.

  20. Sharon says:

    Welcome to Sky watch! I love this, your first post fot it. Forget about the neighbors, go for the shot!

  21. Photo Candy says:

    Beautiful blue sky from an interesting point of view. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment in my blog. :)

  22. esnorway says:

    Nice shoot have nice weekend

  23. AnneKa says:

    Hallo from north Norway. Last week I saw all Sky Watch Friday photos and they were all great, and I hope to see them all this week too. I love to travel around the world this way.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sky watch and have a great weekend!

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