A Very Special Day

cherry-popsicleYou want to make sure that you are prepared to properly celebrate this important day, so be sure to go out this morning and stock up on Cherry Popsicles, because today is National Cherry Popsicle Day. I’ve heard that in some areas, it is customary to set off fireworks [red ones only of course], but fireworks are illegal here in New York State, so we will have to skip that particular aspect of the holiday observations.

The trouble with stocking up on Cherry popsicles though, is that they usually only come in packs with other flavors, so what do you do with the others? Save them for the holidays dedicated to those quintessentially frozen treats, right? If I ran the world, National Cherry Popsicle Day would be immediately followed by National Orange Popsicle Day, and then National Grape Popsicle Day. That way, you can be sure to get the full use of your box of popsicles, right?

cherry-popsicle-tNot so, fair readers. National Grape Popsicle Day is May 27th. I would not reccommend saving your Grape popsicles til May. They will not be very tasty after spending all fall, winter and part of the spring in the freezer. To make things even worse, there seems to be no National Orange Popsicle Day at all. I can scarcely believe that there is no day dedicated to the celebration of probably the most popular flavor of popsicles. The only thing more difficult to believe is that any popsicles have a national “day” dedicated to them at all. ‘Cause I think Congress has to vote on that don’t they? Like someone has to go on the floors of the House and and Senate and submit a bill or something, right? It seems that a Representative from the other side of the aisle would have pointed out, during the debate that surely would follow, that there is no National Orange Popsicle Day. Or perhaps one of the Senators had a problem with Orange popsicles, and therefore decided to kill the legislation that would have given them their own special Day? Maybe it was one of those “backroom deals” you hear about on the news.

In any case, I hope you all have a lovely and blessed National Cherry Popsicle Day.  And stay tuned for Friday, which is World Sauntering Day.  I guess they voted on that one at the UN, that other bastion of fine ideas.  It’s not like you can saunter around the world.  You’d fall in the ocean, am I right?

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9 Responses to A Very Special Day

  1. Trisha says:

    What a wacky “holiday!” And Cherry is my least favorite of all the popsicle flavors. I am partial to lime!

  2. charlane says:

    I would love it to be grape popsicle day too….or the blue ones. I always loved the blue ones.

  3. CM says:

    Oh my … I needed a good heart warming laugh in the middle of this day! Thanks! …. and Orange is my favorite too!

  4. Flea says:

    OMG. And to think I almost missed this holiday. I get so wrapped up in my own little world and never notice the really important things going on around me. THANK YOU.

  5. Debbie Jean says:

    Happy Cherry Popsicle Day!!!

  6. Debbie Jean says:

    Oh and Banana is my favorite flavor popsicle!!

  7. Weezee says:

    Darn It! Why didn’t I read earlier? Now its bedtime and i missed the whole celebration.

    Is there a National Cremesicle day? Now! there is something to celebrate!

  8. ellyn says:

    I’m with Weezee on this one. Popcicles..ick. Creamicles…love love love them.

  9. Kate says:

    There’s a holiday for everything now, isn’t there?

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