Things that run

Like these falls. These are the Fall Creek Falls in Ithaca NY, just a short drive from here. fallcreek

Then there is my nose. Is there anything more miserable than a summer cold? No photos of the nose – one of the advantages of working from home is that I don’t have to see anyone if I don’t want to. And no one has to see me, which right now is a huge benefit to the world, I assure you.

Have a lovely – and un-sick day :)

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5 Responses to Things that run

  1. deb says:

    Not the analogy I thought was coming, but feel better soon.

  2. Flea says:

    You poor thing. I hope you can get some rest at some point.

  3. Kate says:


    I was at work yesterday trying to read your post below, but had to sign off thinking I’d see it at home. But the power went out. Wondering why you were mad now.

  4. Weezee says:

    Loved, loved. loved that place!!!
    Feel better would ya! I am having the phone DT’s!

  5. Puffs Plus. You must have those tissues. Feel better soon;)

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