What a Squirrel Didn’t Do – and Winners!

I am easy to please. The things that make me happy are not terribly difficult to obtain or insanely expensive. Well, except camera lenses. They can be pretty pricey, but on the other hand, I get by with the ones I have already. One thing that makes me really happy is my squirrel proof bird feeder. I told you about it here, back in February. It is very effective in preventing squirrels from wasting expensive birdseed. Feeding and watching the birds is one of those simple pleasures that I love, so this feeder, which I bought with money my Mom & Dad gave me for my Birthday, is definitely one of my favorite things. But it seems there is something more determined than a squirrel in our neighborhood now. A lot bigger too, because no squirrel did this.birdfeederIt might be useful to know that I have had a recurring nightmare for years, that I am busy with some outdoor chore, hear a sound behind me, and turn to find a bear half the height of the Empire State Building [hey – it’s a dream!] ready to pounce on me and rip me into teensy tiny pieces. Heaven only knows why my sleeping brain has obsessed on this scenario over the years, but because of this dream, the idea of a bear in my yard is not a pleasing thought to me. To say the least.

We have been very fortunate up until now, because many of our neighbors have seen bears on their property, but in the 25-plus years we have been here, we never have. And it’s possible this wasn’t a bear. It could have been a vegetarian hobo passing through and stopping off for a snack. Maybe a large branch fell upon the feeder [and then disappeared into thin air, since there is no large branch in evidence now]. A raccoon on steroids maybe? If you have hung around here very long, you know I am not a stranger to self delusion when it comes to speculations about unwelcome visitors, so I am sure I can easily wish away a bear. Anyway – the bird feeder is temporarily put up in Larry’s shop, in the hopes that this raccoon/branch/hobo/bear will be discouraged from returning for another snack when it finds no feeder in that spot. Updates, as they say, when they become available.

Now – to the winners! My trip postponed this, but here you go:

The Pay it Forward giveaway winners are:payitforward_winnersSquirrelgurl and SarahEliza – take a look at my Flickr account – link over to the left there and let me know which photo you would like. My email address is listed under the “me” tab up top. And be sure to let me know when you do your own Pay it Forward post.

And the Comment Love Giveaway winner for the month of May is Trisha!commentlove_winnermayShe is a long time bloggy friend and she sent tons of stuff to Lauren in Iraq, so I am thrilled for her. Email me your mailing address Trisha and I will get your prize in the mail.

I will post the prize for the June Comment Love Giveaway tomorrow – remember, every comment for the whole month counts as an entry, so don’t be shy, get things off your chest and leave me lots of comments!

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7 Responses to What a Squirrel Didn’t Do – and Winners!

  1. Charlane says:

    glad to hear from you – I’ve been in and out of pocket this week. hope things are going as well as they can.

  2. CM says:

    Mmmmmm … very interesting ……. (Larry didn’t get exceptionally hunger while you were gone did he …. you did leave him some good stuff in the freezer didn’t you?)

  3. JeanneP says:

    Hmmmmm…..wonder if it could have been a coyote? Or a fox???? Not sure how far you are from our cottage in Henderson Harbor….and I’m not sure if you read my posts about our “guest” last year….but this fox would just show up every single time I grilled out on the deck!! And it was not particularly aggressive. It scared the crap out of me the first couple of times, but then I got sort of used to him coming around. He even started playing with the dogs’ toys out in the yard! My dogs didn’t play with them after that….I through them away….just in case!

  4. SquirrelGurl says:

    Wow! Who ever that was sure did a number on that feeder!!!

    They just captured a bear in maryland near my parents, he got into trouble b/c of his love of birdseed. He was practically climbing on people’s porches!!

    DNR caught him and sent him to the Western part of the State where the other bears in the State live.

  5. Daryl says:

    Congrats to the winners.

    I want it to be really bad weather? Or a pair of raccoons? But in my heart, I know its a bear and that’s scary .. make sure Riley doesnt try to confront if it comes back …

  6. Weezee says:

    Hey Boo Boo, lets get us some nice birdseed!
    Stupid bear, bird feeder, not Bear feeder!

  7. SquirrelGurl says:

    You have so many beautiful photos! I am having a hard time deciding!! I will catch up with you real soon!

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