This Bud’s for You

Spring is definitely getting here earlier this year than last. The rain late last week has woken up the grass, so we are beginning to see green everywhere. This is a bud on one of the 17 lilac bushes we have around our property, taken last night as the sun was getting ready to disappear behind the near side of our valley. I have been admiring the work that Mary and Kate, and many others have been doing with textures, and after only fooling with one for a few minutes, I can see why they like them so much. It’s like the crack of post processing. Not having time to go look for a texture anywhere, I just pulled a pattern out of the standard ones from Pant Shop Pro X2 and fiddled around with mask layers, curves, clarify, color layers and who knows what-all. This is the result, clumsy though it may be, compared to people who actually know what they are doing. A nice reminder of my walk last night, since it is now pouring rain, with only the change predicted to the present condition is that it may turn to sleet.textured_lilac_budHave a lovely day, no matter what the weather is where you are.

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13 Responses to This Bud’s for You

  1. Janis says:

    That’s beautiful, Donalyn. I like how it looks. Our lilacs are budding, too, but no flowers yet. They’re actually predicting rain and snow here on Wednesday, so we’ll have to see if that confuses them. ;)

  2. Kate says:

    Your first attempt at texture is this excellent? You are a natural, methinks!!

    And you are spot on about it being the crack of post-processing. Hilarious.

  3. Daryl says:

    I like this and what Kate does with texture … but I will leave it to you’all …

  4. annbb says:

    Beautiful photo. Sure hope the sleet stays away!

  5. Charlane says:

    I don’t think it’s clumsy at all – it looks great.

  6. Deb says:

    I am so jealous…17 lilac bushes on your property! I think lilacs are the only reaso I would return to the cold North!

  7. Momo Fali says:

    That is a lovely photo.

    I will try and have a good day, but it’s in the 30’s here in Ohio today. It’s so much easier to have a good day when it’s warm!

  8. Flea says:

    I needed a good bud – thanks!

  9. CM says:

    Nice! You’re my favoritistest photographerer!

  10. ellyn says:

    Beautiful photo. Nice texture too.

    We are supposed to get a big snow storm. I would rather have sleet I think.

  11. lesley says:

    Hello Donalyn,
    I’ve just found your blog, I loved reading it & looking at the photo’s, especially the beautiful flowers, we’ve just spent the weekend tidying up the garden, & feel much calmer now when we look out the kitchen window! Thank you for sharing…

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