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A New Kind of Giveaway

I like giving stuff away. It makes me happy. Something that doesn’t make me happy lately is that I have just about zero time to respond to comments. I love connecting with my readers and feel badly about not getting … Continue reading

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Soap Does Grow on Trees! [and a giveaway too]

Remember back in February, I first mentioned Soap Nuts here?  I ran across a mention of them on a message board and was intrigued by the idea that this might be truly natural version of laundry soap. I was thrilled with how they … Continue reading

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Winners and a lazy Saturday morning

After a leisurely morning, perusing yet another perennial catalog [Bluestone Perennials – love their stuff]and enjoying a second pot of coffee, I turned to my trusty Random Integer Generator to choose winners for my Pay it Forward giveaway. Cam, Cynthia … Continue reading

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Pay It Forward – A Giveaway!

So, the other day, I was checking out Country Girl’s blog. And she mentioned a giveaway on Char’s blog. I went and entered. And for the second time, Kate sent me to a giveaway that I won. Is she good … Continue reading

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Final Giveaway Winner

First – I want to thank all of you for making blogging so much fun. I don’t get around to other blogs nearly as much as I would like lately, but I enjoy your visits here so much and I … Continue reading

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