Beautiful – but enough already!

This last weekend, we got something over 20 inches of snow. So you might think I rushed out to take these photos then, right? Nope – there was too much snow to go taking any pictures at all. It took Larry all day to get all of the plowing and shoveling done. I took these pictures the weekend before last, when we got a mere 14 inches of snow. Lar had run over to town for something and when he got home, he told me to grab my camera because he wanted to show me something. I never argue when he says that. He may not know one end of the camera from the other, but he knows beautiful when he sees it.

The trees tower over your head through here. It is always dim and cool and sort of mysterious, but after a heavy snowfall it is especially enchanting.snow covered treesAnd towering doesn’t really begin to describe it – these trees are huge.A beautiful stream meanders back and forth through here, but the snow banks were so high that I couldn’t see it all, until I got to this spot where it crosses under the road. I was hanging over the edge on my tippy toes to get a picture of it. Not exactly the best angle but Larry was getting nervous about having to fish me out of there, so I didn’t venture any further. A little green among all the white.snowy branchAnd there is the way back home.snowy road

I said a couple days ago that I would let you know how I felt about winter in March, so here it goes: Nothing more for me, thank you.

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2 Responses to Beautiful – but enough already!

  1. Trisha says:

    What wonderfully beautiful snow pictures! Sometimes (just SOMETIMES) I actually miss it!

  2. Donalyn says:

    You know Trisha – I would definitely miss it. We are northerners for a reason I guess.

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