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Sailor take warning…

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Depth of Field – Bring a little Drama into the Picture

Depth of field results from the combined use of a camera’s aperture and shutter settings to bring certain parts of a photograph more into focus than others. The aperture determines how wide the lens will open, and the shutter determines … Continue reading

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Winter found us

We are having the weirdest winter ever. In fact, we are having an un-winter. People from way down south came to visit for Christmas, and did they get to make a snow man or sled down our hill? No, they … Continue reading

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When the moon hits your eye …

On our way home last night, this beautiful moon followed along, and when we got home, there she was!

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Say goodbye to fall

In keeping with 2011’s distinction as being the worst year of weather in my lifetime, today it is supposed to snow. On October 29th! Bleh – I have had it with 2011! All I can do now is hunker down, … Continue reading

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