Just a little green

The primary color I can see outdoors right now is white. Lots of white actually. Not that white is a primary color. White isn’t a color at all of course, but rather the absence of color. By primary I mean the principal color or lack thereof. We bloggers have to be precise about these things because otherwise we get comments and emails that explain to us exactly where we have gone wrong in something that we have said. There are a lot of extremely helpful people in this world, and many of them read blogs. But I digress. As usual.

So anyway, the white is not at all a bad thing though, even though it’s snow. With our temperatures down in single digits and even below zero a time or two, that snow blanket is protecting my daylilies and hostas and all of the other stuff out in the garden. Personally, I prefer a nice thick cotton quilt or two and some fuzzy socks, but snow seems to work just fine for plants. There is no blanket for this ivy though, because it is growing up the side of a tree. I didn’t even intentionally plant it. It was in a porch planter, along with some impatiens about 15 years ago. When the frost got it, I tossed the dirt over the bank and forgot about it for a few years, until I realized that we had ivy growing everywhere. I know it can be invasive in areas with mild winters, but that is not a problem here. So, I’m happy to have it because this bank is a darned pain in the butt and now the ivy keeps the weeds out. And in January, when we have 3 feet of snow on the ground, that ivy sits on this tree, glowing in the morning light, reminding me that there is green in the world.ivyI love that.

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  1. CM says:

    “There are a lot of extremely helpful people in this world, and many of them” … are cousins! : )-

    I love Ivy! It is a theme in our bedroom. I like is outside, on plates, and I like to paint it! Thanks for sharing your pictures and your thoughts!

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