Pictures from another planet

A planet called “Summer”

I do love the winter but it is nice to remember what it will look like around here next July.
It is rather strange to live in a place with temperature fluctuations that can vary between -20 and 90+ in the course of less than 60 days.
Right now, we are encased in ice with more snow on the way, so lets look back [and ahead] to warmer days.The same crab apple tree from a post last week.

A reblooming daylily named “Pink Embers”

A favorite daylily – this is “Bountiful Valley”

The back garden – it is a shade bed and part of what I can see when I am at the computer.

The same back garden but a little earlier in the year.

A couple volunteer gloriosa daisies – I didn’t plant these here or in any of the other dozen spots they have decided to grow.

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4 Responses to Pictures from another planet

  1. Cousin Mark says:

    Oh, do I want to visit your garden in person some day! It looks especaily nice as I look out my window over KC and see grey bleak weather. We are having an ice storm, though the temperature cooperated today by being one degree over the freezing mark. The trees and ground are coated with ice but the streets are nice and wet for driving. The expected sun on Wednesday will make a beautiful display on the ice encrusted world.

  2. Dreams of a Country Girl says:

    can i come live with you? purty please? i will cook you breakfast every morning and vacuum. pllleeeease?

  3. dlyn says:

    Well Mark honey, it don’t look like that right now – it looks just as bad here as it does at your house, maybe worse!

    And country girl, if you vacuum, you are IN!

  4. Wonderful World of Weiners says:

    All I can see outsie my house right now is a trash can sitting in a snowbank. Your pictures are much nicer….


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