Say goodbye to fall

In keeping with 2011’s distinction as being the worst year of weather in my lifetime, today it is supposed to snow. On October 29th! Bleh – I have had it with 2011! All I can do now is hunker down, wait for 2012, and hope for better things. Still, I did have a chance to get a few nice shots the other morning.misty fall morning in upstate nyI hope the weather will be kinder where you are today!

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4 Responses to Say goodbye to fall

  1. Jeannelle says:

    Beautiful! I like the fog. Or maybe it is dust from a gravel road like here where I live.

  2. Donalyn says:

    Nope Jeanelle – it is mist from the creek that runs right along the bottom of that field. Pretty anytime of year. Our road was gravel until about 6 or 7 years ago, and even now is not really pavement – just tar and stones, but it keeps the dust down.

  3. Cousin Mark says:

    It is quite wonderful here and has been for weeks. We had a 70 degree Halloweeen while the east had a snowstorm. Finally, snow tonight, though and temps around 33.

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