Tomato Soup

This recipe has been updated, and moved to my new blog.
You can find it here: Creamy Tomato Bacon Soup on The Creekside Cook

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20 Responses to Tomato Soup

  1. Mary Weiss says:

    This soup looks delicious. Anything with tomato and bacon can’t be bad so I’m off to buy both and try it. Thanks D.

  2. Jeannelle says:

    Looks perfect for supper on a cool autumn evening. Wow….good for you to find ways to use all those tomatoes!

  3. Donalyn says:

    Mary – I hope it is everything you hope for! I made another batch already.

    Thanks Jeanelle!

  4. emiglia says:

    Looks delicious. The last of the salad tomatoes are gone, but I’m still roasting them for sauce… and soup, apparently :)

  5. Donalyn says:

    emiglia – I roasted my last batch just yesterday. We have a bowl of grape tomatoes left, but the rest are gone now. Lots in the freezer though!

  6. Jeanette says:

    You’re so lucky to have tomatoes from your garden – I will be missing all the fresh summer tomatoes. This soup sounds like a bowl of pure comfort.

  7. Donalyn says:

    Jeanette – I am missing them already. Seems like an awfully long time till next July when they will start coming ripe again.

  8. Laura Warnke says:

    Hi Donalyn,

    I was literally just wondering to do with the last of my tomatoes and your post came through on StumbleUpon. Great timing!

    The soup looks wonderful. I haven’t made this type before so it looks like I will be in the kitchen tomorrow making the tomato sauce first.

  9. Curt says:

    Creamy is the only way to make tomato soup. And then the bacon puts it right over the top!

  10. There is nothing I love more than creamy tomato soup…other than maybe bacon!

  11. Donalyn says:

    Laura – I hope you like it – come back, if you have time, to tell us how it came out for you!

    Curt – I tend to agree & it really doesn’t take very much cream to give you that luxurious taste and texture.

    Feast – exactly, and that is how most great recipes are born, right?

  12. marla says:

    The bacon makes this so fabulous!

  13. Sounds delicious, but I would leave out the bacon for a meat free version.

  14. Donalyn says:

    Thanks Marla – hope you give it a try!

    Mireya – even without the bacon, this would be rich and delicious. I hope if you try it, that you will come back to tell everyone how the vegetarian version came out!

  15. Oh I LOVE this! Especially the bacon bit! ;)

  16. Donalyn says:

    LOL Kate – it’s all about the bacon!

  17. I adore tomato and bacon sandwiches, so can imagine how good this soup must be. So comforting!

  18. Roberta says:

    Oh my – doesn’t that look tasty?

  19. Jeff Deasy says:

    A perfect recipe for warming up as the weather cools!

  20. Valerie says:

    Tomatoes and bacon…what more does one need in life (except maybe a lemon tart). :D
    Your soup looks delicious. How lucky to have so many tomatoes at your disposal!

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