Macadamia Lime Bars

Macadamia Lime Blondies on The Creekside CookThis post has been updated and moved to the new blog.
You can now find it here: Macadamia Lime Blondies on The Creekside Cook

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  1. TSannie says:

    Those are the biggest macadamia’s I’ve ever seen! Your recipe looks delicious and one I’ll be trying, tho, non-baker that I am, pretty sure they won’t be as pretty as yours! I also love toasted macadamia’s on salads. Yum!

    And how neat you were asked to do this! I’m envious!

  2. tj says:

    …My goodness, congrat's on being asked to do this! What an honor and I must admit that I'm with 'tsannie' up there – I'm a tad envious…well, more than a "tad"…lol :o)

    …It's odd that you posted this when you did because I was just going to go online today and compare prices of buying nuts in bulk online. I don't know if it would actually be cheaper than buying at the big box stores and if the quality would be the same but I do have to say that what you received looks fantastic. I do a lot of holiday baking and the cost of nuts is well, enough to drive me nuts! (hee,hee)

    …Btw, this recipe looks yummy! I'll def' give this one a try… :o)

    …Thanks for sharing & blessings…

  3. tj says:

    …Oh and one more thing, I thought of you yesterday because I drove in to the Williams Sonoma store to buy the brine mix that Ree uses because I wanna give that a try next Thursday. Gosh, I love that store! :o)

    …Have a great day!

  4. dlyn says:

    Annie & TJ – I could not agree more about being lucky. I was thrilled! [stay tuned – in a couple weeks – I will not be the only lucky one!]

    TJ – I was very impressed by their prices. I also use lots of nuts for holiday baking and I think they are right in line with the big box places and if these are any indication, the quality is better – very fresh!

  5. noble pig says:

    Macs are my favorite nuts! These looks so, so yummy with the lime…so tropical. Hawaii for Christmas anyone?

    I love using Macs for crusting fish too! Thanks for this beautiful recipe.

  6. asthmagirl says:

    These look really good! I have to admit though, I was making googly eyes at the pecans… yum!

    Nicely done you pilgrim, you!

  7. Ellyn says:

    If the lemon bars were indication of the delicousness of these, they will be devine.

    If Mr. Oh Nuts has any more bags of yummyness just laying around, I promise to like them too. Just saying.

  8. Deb says:

    First of all, you have a recipe for lemon bars? Excuse me while I go find them…secondly, these look divine! I am salivating…really

  9. Kacey says:

    Oh wow, free nuts. Macadamia are my favs! Thanks for the recipe!

  10. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    I’d say ANYTHING with Macadamia nuts is worthy of eating!!! Thoose look good and How totally cool to get to try them and review them !!! I am thrilled for you and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
    Hugs Laura
    ps have a safe trip and tons of fun!

  11. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    wonder do they have pecans… The crops here dont seem to be too good this year… Good thing I have one bag left from last fall! HUMMM must check them out.

  12. Egghead says:

    I love macadamias. I put them in my white choc chunk cookies. These look like a great quality nut. I will check out their site. Thanks for that wonderful sounding recipe. I am anxious to try it.

  13. Weezee says:

    Oh my gosh! I hope you and Big Lar don’t eat ALL those on the way here. too many would not be good for you. You better bring all the nuts in case we have a chance to bake something and I probably should give my stamp of approval!

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