Wednesday – 3 birds and a flower

It was a little jarring this morning to edit a few photos for this post and realize I had to open a new blog photo folder titled, October. I love October. I can’t say it is my favorite month, because truth be told, I can’t choose. I can’t even choose a favorite time of year, because I love each season for different reasons. But, with some of the leaves off the trees, the back yard near the bird feeders is opening up so I can get some shots of birds again.

A little drink to go with your seeds?Tufted Titmouse. Who named this bird?The birdbath is a popular destination.Another reason I love October – Japanese Anemones. This one is actually called “September Charm”. I love everything about it – the pink doesn’t clash with the rest of the colors in this bed, because most everything else is done blooming by now. I love the multi-shade backs of the blooms and the little tennis ball centers and the ruffly little stamens. They’ll even take a frost or two and keep on blooming.

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