Rainy Saturday

The birds don’t really need to use the birdbath to get clean today – they can just stand around and the pouring rain will do the trick.

I will be back later with a Saturday afternoon recipe. Being stuck in the house, I might as well cook something, right?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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8 Responses to Rainy Saturday

  1. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    What a beautiful, evocative photo.

  2. noble pig says:

    Please send me the rain…95 here today…ugh.

  3. Mental P Mama says:

    Will it have tomatoes? I’m thinking of making Annie’s Red Lentil soup. It is the best!

  4. TSannie says:

    I need some chicken noodle soup. Whoops! Forgot to sent Mental P. that lentil recipe – glad for the reminder!

  5. Judi~Gmj says:

    Whatev, I’ll read and enjoy.

  6. Ellyn says:

    What a pretty picture. Bet you are glad to have your baby home.

  7. Deb says:

    Beautiful photo of the bird bath. I love the perspective and of course, the evidence of the new season.
    As for us, it is a mild 70 something with a bit of clouds. Not bad for Atlanta area.

  8. Country Girl says:

    Lovely shot, Dlyn. I am so glad for you that you’ve got your best friend back in your hands!

    And unfortunately, I am not having a good weekend. But the sun will come out tomorrow. And maybe my troubles will be less, eh?

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