I Need an Intervention

Or a 12 Step program.
Probably for me it would take a 24 step program though.
I don’t really have time for that.

nurseryMy problem is the Internet. Specifically online plant vendors. They stalk me and entice me and beguile me on a daily basis. Typically, gardeners are supposed to be at their most vulnerable in the winter months. Those catalogs full of garden porn are suppose to transport us, along with our credit card, to a greener season so we’ll take advantage of early bird specials. Maybe I lack imagination. It could be the 2 feet of snow. Or it could be the 20,000 photos from my gardens that I spend the winter editing. Whatever the reason, January is far from my weakest moment.

May is when I really lose control. Everything is coming up all limey-green and lush. It’s when I can really envision those new hot¬†echinaceas in the midst of my daylilies. It’s when another Helenium doesn’t seem like an indulgence, but a downright necessity. It’s when things aren’t quite filled in, so I can convince myself I can fit in another couple “this” or “thats”.

And it’s when vendors start offering deals and free shipping and sending out emails with with seductive pictures and descriptions of plants I never knew I wanted until just now. I know better than to even open these emails. I try to delete them without even looking. Really, I do! But then I look. And look some more. I am so easily led astray. Then, before I know it, UPS is dropping off another big box of gardening delight. Or two.

And now, you will have to excuse me. I have to go figure out what I am going to do with 2 dozen Crocosmia corms. Hey, don’t judge – they were buy one get one free!

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13 Responses to I Need an Intervention

  1. Daryl says:

    I love looking at plant catalogs … White Flower Farm is my fav, in fact, when I am in CT I insist we stop there so I can do some shooting … my pathetic window box only grows small plants so I get my fancy plant fix at White Flower .. stay away from them, Dyln!

  2. Trisha says:

    I guess there are worse things to be addicted to. At least plants add beauty and remove carbon dioxide from our world!

  3. Charlane says:

    sounds like heaven for sure

  4. Deb says:

    as long as you bless us with lots and lots of photos….you aren’t hurting a soul!

  5. It could be waaaaay worse. ;)

  6. Laura says:

    my name is Laura and I am so right there with you on this one… I do think a 24 step program may be a necessity. of course you do cook inbetween… sometimes I dont even do that.

  7. Pearl says:

    how fun! at least they weren’t like.. 3,000 pairs of shoes!

  8. Debbie Jean says:

    I would love to see your yard! I bet it is beautiful!!!

    God Bless~
    Debbie Jean

  9. Astaryth says:

    Hard to resist aren’t they? My current weakness is bird feeders. They are everywhere, but I can’t quite find to one I want……

  10. Weezee says:

    If you run out of room as your selfless sister I will find room in my yard. Just to help out of course.

  11. Kate says:

    I have no idea what a Croscosmia corm is. I’d have to google that one! But if it floats your boat, well there’s worse things in this world to be addicted to!!

  12. Molly says:

    I think I’m catching your gardening addiction…and it’s a relief really, because my whole family have been avid gardeners of all sorts.

  13. ellyn says:

    One of them would look really good at my house. Because as you know I have been the picture of restraint this season.

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