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Wrens – the Final Chapter of 2008

It all started here, at the beginning, with Mr Wren making a poor choice.He changed his mind though when he caught sight of these palatial digs and eventually caught the woman of his dreams. he got married,and raised a family.And … Continue reading

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A few more newbies from the garden

I am up to my elbows in tomatoes this morning. No, I don’t have photos of that. Maybe another time. What I have are some photos of daylilies. I know, shocking, right? These are all new to me in the … Continue reading

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Blowing hot & cold

One item that takes up quite a lot of real estate in our veggie garden is hot peppers. We have 18 plants this year, with 6 of those being jalapeƱos. There is, of course, no way we can eat 6 … Continue reading

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A mystery revealed

You saw them before. They seemed to come out of nowhere and hover about.When they appeared to be bringing in reinforcements, we felt a little threatened and wondered what, if anything we could do to defend ourselves.But then we discovered … Continue reading

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Drive-by Wednesday

Lots going on this week, so my photo processing time has been curtailed somewhat. I like these two though and if I have time later on, I will be back to add a few more. I think this is a … Continue reading

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