6 months ago – 6 months from now

In backing up files as I switch between two computers because I work for two companies that require different operating systems, I came across some [ok – 500] photos that I took on a particular summer day. I saved them for today because of the equidistant nature of the date. These photos were taken 6 months ago today. 6 months from now, these same plants will look just like this again. If you want to see what it looks like today where I took these, I direct you to my photo a day blog here and the post for January 29th.

I don’t always, but this time I have a distinct memory of taking these exact photos. It was a sublime summer day and spent hours working out there, weeding and deadheading and taking pictures. This daylily is called “Divertisment” and I got it two days before Anna was born when Ellyn and I visited a daylily farm near where they lived at the time in Virginia. They had goats there too.This is one of my favorite garden workhorse plants – a coneflower called “Magnus”. Utterly undemanding with the exception of preferring to be in the sun, it compliments just about everything else in the garden. I got this plant on a yearly expedition with my friends Judy and Karen a couple years ago – we always have a blast.And finally, another daylily, this one called “Mary’s Gold”. I got this one in Virginia too and I can’t recommend it highly enough – it is flawless.Okay – time for another pot of coffee and getting to work. Back to winter too, but they are all out there sleeping, waiting for their time to come around again.
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15 Responses to 6 months ago – 6 months from now

  1. Cam says:

    Lovely yellow photos! I’m always pleased when I can remember photo dates too :)

  2. Ellyn says:

    Love the last one. beautiful. Just wait until this summer. The pictures will be even prettier with your fancy new camera. Can’t wait to see.

  3. Mental P Mama says:


  4. Kathy says:

    I sure hope we can get together & do some plant swapping this spring

  5. CM says:

    equidistant |ˌēkwiˈdistənt; ˌekwi-|
    adjective – at equal distances

    Mmmmm – there ‘ya go … being educational again and expanding my vocabulary! Of course you have a very intelligent blog clientele that already know these things …. except for dumb cousins.

    And thanks for the summer photos … I needed that and it made me smile!

  6. Pearl says:

    how beautiful!

  7. TSannie says:

    I love winter, but these make me really miss spring.

  8. Daryl says:

    a few small breathes of spring … sigh

  9. dlyn says:

    Cam – thanks – I love the yellow ones the best myself.

    Ellyn – maybe this summer I will get to come a take pics of your new garden!

    Mental P – exactly!

    Kathy – I am looking forward to it – I have some daylilies that need splitting this summer.

    CM – verbal expansion is all part of the service here at dlyn ;)

    Thanks Pearl!

    TSAnnie – photos like this make winter easier I think. You can enjoy the cosiness of a winter afternoon when you know you have that to look forward to.

    Daryl- we all need those, right?

  10. Flea says:

    Mary’s Gold is exquisite.

    Just last night my Hunny handed me an envelope which had been buried under a stack of papers on his dresser. In it was a magnet with a daylily on it! From you! I think I smacked him. It seems to have come while we were out of town and I wasn’t the only one to be opening the mail. Which is why I never acknowledged that it came. So thank you. It’s lovely. And on my fridge. :)

  11. Country Girl says:

    Thanks for the memories, Dlyn. And I loved that daylilly magnet you sent! I look at it every time I open my frig!

  12. Tara says:

    What a nice shot of spring-thank you!

  13. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    Six months to go. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. HeyJules says:

    Love that last one, Dlyn! You’ve gotten me hooked on daylilies now…

  15. Egghead says:

    Spring can’t come soon enough.

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