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If you look up bucolic in the dictionary

You’ll find this picture

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Oh my golly

I hate running on and on about cliches and using tired phrases like “time flies”, but time really DOES fly. And it doesn’t feel like a cliche when your oldest grandchild has his first day of Kindergarten. I talked to … Continue reading

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A Conversation

Because I am still too much of a wimp to stand on a sprained knee long enough to take photos of anything I am cooking, I give you the following vignette, which took place last month. We were all up … Continue reading

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Interview With a Grandson

I know Grandmas aren’t supposed to laugh when grandsons fart, because it just encourages them to do it again, and then their parents blame you, but when an interview is stopped practically before it even starts by such an event, … Continue reading

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Why I usually take photos of flowers and muffins

A woman has to know her limitations. There are photographers who can take great shots of people, specifically posed shots of people, but I am not one of them. I can’t practice this skill on Larry, due to his propensity … Continue reading

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