Georgia on my mind

Lauren and Steve are here visiting us until next week when we will all go to Ellyn & Jason’s for Christmas. And while they have a couple of pretty nice vehicles, Steve’s parents offered to let them borrow their car, which is perhaps more suited to a long trip. As previously mentioned, Lauren and Steve live in Georgia which is not a place that gets a lot of snow. It is therefore, understandable that the car they are driving is in a state of shock about now. This car is used to nice warm weather and green grass and gentle breezes.

It is not at all used to this:

It is going to be a long week for the poor thing.

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6 Responses to Georgia on my mind

  1. Donna says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog; any friend of PW’s is a friend of mine. We have something besides Ree in common: My son and his family live in Columbus, Georgia. We visited them over Thanksgiving.

  2. Wonderful World of Weiners says:

    I feel so selfish – I always complain about how the weather effects me but I never thought about my car!!

    I bow my head in shame…


  3. Rising Rainbow says:

    Oh my, the poor neglected car. How could they be so cruel! lol

  4. dlyn says:

    Our cars are like – “what is wrong with you? this is nothing, you sissy! just wait till they drive you in this crap!”

  5. Rick says:

    Goes to prove that cart are indeed female.

  6. dlyn says:

    LOL – it seems that this one is!

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