Products to enrich your life

I have searched the entire internet [well, one website anyway] to bring you another installment of products that you need – all here in one convenient location..

Just what we all want to see first thing in the morning, a Talking Robot Alarm ClockAnd now only $49.95 – better hurry, these will move fast!

Don’t you hate it when you are driving down the road and can’t find your corkscrew? That won’t happen anymore with the Key Chain Corkscrew!Always right at your fingertips for that “on the way home” bottle of Chardonnay.

And the ever popular Adjust-a-Burger. The name just rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?Not such a bad idea, but “adjusting” your burger isn’t something I ever imagine having to do.

Foodies – you won’t want to miss this – another arduous kitchen task now made effortless by the Banana Slicer!Not exactly what you would call a multi-tasker, but if you need your bananas sliced with precision, this will fill the bill.

After you buy this Electronic Grocery List Organizer for $149, you won’t have any money left for the groceries. Don’t forget the paper refills!

And last, but certainly not least, who doesn’t need a French Bread Wrist Rest?It was, at least, listed under “home office” products – too informal for a professional setting I guess.

So there you have it folks; a must-have list of essentials. I am kind of like the Robin Leach of blogdom, bringing items to your attention that you never knew anyone, least of all you, needed. You don’t have to thank me though. Just knowing I could help is thanks enough.

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19 Responses to Products to enrich your life

  1. Ellyn says:

    Thanks. I didn’t know I needed a key chain cork screw. But I do, I do. That is the easiest way to make sure you get a breathalizer when you are pulled over. And they are fun. Not that I have ever had one mind you.

  2. Flea says:

    The keychain corkscrew is for when you pick up hitchhikers. See, if it’s someone dangerous, right in the eye! (don’t wait to find out if they’re really going to hurt you) If it’s an old wino, why you can help him out! Even those twist top wine boxes are made easier with the corkscrew.

  3. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    i WANT THE BANANA SLICER… Martha loves to make banana pudding but she hates to slice the bananas… OH how I want that LOL!

  4. Mental P Mama says:

    That alarm clock is calling out to me for some reason. As is the bread armrest. Wonder what it all means….

  5. Deb says:

    Now I think the robot alarm clock is really scary but it would probably make me wake up before the alarm went off.
    I love the new use for french bread!
    The cork screw confuses me. Since it not condoned to drink and drive, what’s the point? I like Flea’s comment…now that makes sense.

  6. Ashmystir says:

    pretty cool stuff there!


  7. Coffee Bean says:

    Wow… Who woulda thunk it?

  8. Olly says:

    That alarm clock would have a 100% chance of hitting the wall if it woke me up…

  9. asthmagirl says:

    I’m with Mama… the alarm clock and the bread wrist rest are calling to me!

    Hello my lovlies!

  10. Mary says:

    Does the Talking Robot Alarm Clock get hurt feelings when you curse at it in the morning? “Cuz I would… curse at it, I mean…

    And the bread wrist rest is just making me hungry. Actually, almost everything makes me hungry these days…

    Now if there was only a gadget to make me look like a supermodel when I look in the mirror… I’d pay big money for that!

  11. Lauren says:

    there are all of my christmas presents this year.

  12. Tracy says:

    All the products are those things that everyone thinks they need and they years later end up at a grage sale-with someone asking what is this for???LOL
    I think I will get everyone on my Christmas gift list a corksrew keychain-act all serious and how do you, like it-see what they say?
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. Judi~Gmj says:

    Snoork, giggle, broohhaaahaa !!Okay ,now you made me have a depends moment. :)

  14. noble pig says:

    Seriously, that banana slicer is the epitome of lazy, LOL!

  15. Country Girl says:

    I just can’t thank you enough for pointing out these superb offerings to me. I think I love all of them and am having trouble choosing.

  16. TSannie says:

    Amazing what we humans come up with.

    I would most likely have to beat that alarm clock into little bitty pieces the first time it would wake me.

    I want that banana slicer!

  17. dlyn says:

    Ellyn – no corkscrew for you!

    Flea – I wrote all of that down, so I will have the info handy in case I ever need it. :)

    Laura – well go buy it then. That is why I put in the links – I knew someone would want some of this stuff. And no, I am not getting a commision. LOL!

    MentalP – now see, I had you figured for the corkscrew!

    Deb – not sure I could get to sleep with that thing on my side table!

    Thanks Ashleigh!

    Coffee Bean – not me that’s for sure :)

    Olly – maybe that is why they charge $50 for it – to keep it from being destroyed?

    AG – hmmmm – with all the interest in the bread wrist rest, I think I feel a contest comeing up!

    Mary – I will keep looking for that and let you know ;)

    Lauren – no pork products so they are safe to send to you!

    Tracy – that is why I avoid yard sales, LOL.

    judi – sorry about that :D

    NP – you mean bananas aren’t tough?

    CG – Just get ’em all – you are worth it!

    Tsannie – got for it!

  18. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    I think my favorite was the banana slicer. How could we ever slice a banana without one?

  19. PG says:

    can robots get black eyes? cause that thing would if they can.

    I have had on occasion a bottle opener key chain, so i guess the winos out there finally demanded their equal rights.

    and the burger thing just suffers from a bad name. looks like a decent product to me.

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