My new favorite lunch

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9 Responses to My new favorite lunch

  1. lona says:

    You’re kidding me?!!! Campbell’s high sodium, chemical laden soup???? Ick.

  2. Donalyn says:

    It’s like a joke Iona – the large print thing?

  3. carlac says:

    LOL – I get it! I need that too since I’m blind as a bat anymore.

  4. CM says:

    You are ill! I was afraid it would come to this!!!! PL-EA-SE get well!

    BTW – I notice in a post last month (that would be like the third one down) … you said that Panera was one of the few places you could like in lieu of your good home coolin’. We really like Panera too. They had a chicken salad sandwich this last summer and fall that was so good … with grapes and big chucks of chicken and nuts and I think cilantro … it was so good!)

    Take care of your self!

  5. Lauren says:

    Should it be a secret to like campbells?

  6. lona says:

    Thanks for pointing out the punch line…it went completely over my head. duh!

  7. LOLOLOLOL!!! I need that!

  8. Laura says:

    i need that soup too!…. even with my glasses on i mis read stuff ACK~

  9. Louise says:

    BWAH HA HA HA HA! Love it!

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