Riley is weird

Last week I was telling you about the buckets of vegetables that have begun their yearly migration to my kitchen floor. I did not tell you the whole story however. See? Nice peaceful vegetables…bucketsBut wait – who is this?whoMe: What do you want?riley_lookRiley: You know.
Me: Could it be …

… a bean?beanRiley: Come to papa!
Me: Why is this picture so blurry?
Riley: It’s my lightening fast reflexes – no photographer could capture it.
Me: Oh good – I thought I just sucked at indoor photography.
Riley: Nope – I am a very fast dog you know.fastMe: You know, I don’t think most dogs like raw green beans.
Riley: You are kidding, right?pleaseMe: No – I am pretty sure they don’t.
Riley: Well, they don’t know what they are missing then. I will just be right here, in case you drop any and need them cleaned up.
Me: Thanks – I really appreciate your concern that I have a clean kitchen floor.
Riley: Anything I can do, you know I am here for you. And tell the bloggy internets I said to have a good day!

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18 Responses to Riley is weird

  1. tj says:

    …Hello, I just happened over here via Mental Pause Mama’s place and I love your blog! This post with Riley had me rollin’! lol…

    …And I see you have the “buckets” thing goin’ on too… I’m doin’ pickles today, I’ve got cucumbers comin’ out the ying-yang! lol…

    …Thanks for the laughs!

    …Blessings… :o)

  2. Ashmystir says:

    Awwww..what a way to greet a Monday after a vacation but with a adorable post and pics of Riley!

    My pooch loves green beans and can not get enough of them. canned but no salt.

    Happy Monday Dlyn.


  3. HeyJules says:

    He eats them raw? I had no idea dogs liked raw green beans!

  4. illusivejoy says:

    OOOOHHHHH I am soooo jealous of the veggie Harvest. I dream of a thumb green enough to grow such yumminess.

  5. Burgh Baby says:

    You’re going to think I’m a dork, but that first photo? Is STUNNING! Really, it’s a great photo of things that are hard to photograph.

    The pup is pretty cute, too, even if it is odd for a pup to eat raw green beans.

  6. Sara says:

    It must be a RILEY thing, because my Riley loves frozen green beans, baby carrots, cheese and cheerios.

    Saves me a fortune on dog treats. :)

    sara (and riley)

  7. CM says:

    Why does it not surprise me that a dog living in your house likes vegetables? …. I bet you make those grandkids eat them too!

  8. Olly says:

    Awww….I want a dog like Riley. Nobody around here lets me interview them for my blog. Come to think of it, they are not as good at eating their veggies either!

  9. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    RIley is not weird.

    My mom got the bright idea once of training the cucumber vines to grow up the fence of the dog run. But we never got any cukes.

    The dogs discovered that cukes hold LOTS of water and make a crunchy, refreshing treat on a hot summer day,

  10. Weezee says:

    LOL, go Riley! I can’t even get my vegetable peeler out of the drawer without 3 of my dog children showing up to do nice sits just for the peels. Everyone except Tyler loves all veggies. He’d rather have fritos.

  11. Mental P Mama says:

    I did not know it was possible for me to love that dog even more….but I do!

  12. noble pig says:

    Can I have Riley, I promise we’ll take good care. My kids need a pup and I want this one!

  13. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    he and squirt would eat you out of house and home… Squirt will eat raw tomatos, cucumbers, watermellon, carrots, beans, in fact she will eat anything that she sees us eating except bell peppers she was not happy with those.
    I so love your interviews!
    HUgs Laura
    Ps thank you Riley I hope you have a good day too!

  14. dlyn says:

    tj – welcome and so glad you enjoyed Riley – he is a bit of a regular around here.

    Ashleigh! How was vacation? Glad to see you back :)

    Jules – well Riley eats them raw, anyway.

    illusive – too bad you don’t live closer – I would share!

    burgh baby – thanks! at least vegetables hold still when I take their photo :D

    Sara – I always get a kick out of hearing about your Riley too – they would probably love each other!

    CM – if you walk in the door here, you are eating vegetables and that is all there is to it!

    olly – Riley rather likes being on the internet – it is getting him off of it that is the problem.

    Ruth – he is rather fond of cucumbers too actually!

    weezee – Riley will take some Fritos. You don’t have any hummus do you?

    mental P – he can be exasperating sometimes but he is just wonderful enough to keep me from killing him ;)

    cathy – you might talk Larry into selling him but not me!

    Laura – Riley’s very favorite veg of all is raw cabbage. I think he will eat anything that doesn’t eat him first!

  15. Country Girl says:

    Damn, that’s a good one. My favorite: 4th one down.

    Could it be . . . a bean?


  16. Lori says:

    Maybe he craves the fiber?
    Raw diets are very LA, Riley!

  17. Flea says:

    Hey! My dogs love fresh veggies too! Patches has been known to eat tomatoes off the vine. :)

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