A less difficult interview

Back in mid February, we had an interview that presented some difficulties and while we did muddle through, the end result was not all I hoped for. So I was pretty glad to look out the window the other morning and spot my old friend, Bob the bluejay. I thought I would go out and see if he had anything to say.If you recall, Bob refused to cooperate with me when I tried to interview him before and at first, it was looking like his attitude had not changed.
Intrepid Interviewer: Bob?Bob: Why hello there!
Interpid Interviewer: Wow – I am surprised you are speaking with me today – I didn’t expect that after our last interview.
Bob: Well, I am just killing some time actually.II: Killing time? Why do you need to do that?
Bob: Things have changed a little at home.II: Things have changed? In what way? Hey – where is Harriet? Oh no – you guys haven’t split up or anything have you? I would hate to see that – she seems so nice!
Bob: No No No! We haven’t split up – far from it. We had children is what we did!II: Well congratulations! You guys must be pretty excited and happy now that you have kids!
Bob: I thought I would be, but I gotta tell ya – it is not at all like I imagined it would be. You haven’t heard noise until you have listened to a nest full of squawking baby Blue Jays! Good grief – they never shut up! And Harriet is all tied up taking care of them – feeding them and teaching them stuff and cleaning up the poop all the time. Believe me, there is no end to the poop! If I tell Harriet I was talking with you, she won’t think I am such a jerk for leaving her alone with them for so long.II: I understand it can be a bit overwhelming, but at least with you guys, they don’t stick around for long. Human babies stay with their parents for 18 years!
Bob: 18 years! Whoa – I can’t imagine how much poop you have to clean up!
II: They eventually get potty trained but I do believe we have you beat in the poop department.
Bob: That really gives me something to think about. I am kind of jerk I guess, going off and leaving poor Harriet to look after everything.
II: Life is a process, Bob. We all learn as we go along, you know.Bob: That is so profound, man.
II: Well, I do what I can.
Bob: Guess I will take this little snack to Harriet to show her a some appreciation.
II: See ya later Bob – tell Harriet I said hello!
Bob: We will be back with the kids before too long – let you foot our grocery bills for awhile!
II: I will be looking forward to that Bob!

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20 Responses to A less difficult interview

  1. Weezee says:

    Man you are something! Photography, blogging, interviewing, gardening, marriage and parental counseling. Such a busy woman!

  2. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    very cool pics… what kind of zoom you got on your camera? heck what kind of camera?
    love the interview too cute:)

  3. Ashmystir says:

    I agree with Weezee. You’re awesome dlyn! Love the pics and the interview. =)

  4. Ellyn says:

    I am glad you set him straight. He was headed for trouble in the whole good dad department.

  5. Ness says:

    Oh dlyn, something really phenomenal is going to have to happen today to top your blog entry. The pics were amazing and the interview with Bob was spot on. Thanks for sharing. We never know how much our blog entries can turn the world around for the reader in a way we never anticipated when we wrote the blog entry. Your entry today has done that for me. Keep on keepin’ on.

  6. dlyn says:

    Thanks Weezee and Ash – I do what I can, like I said, LOL!

    Laura – I have a Nikon 70D. That lens is my 70-300mm zoom. Glad you liked the pics!

    Ness – glad I helped with your day & hope things even out for you soon!

  7. Flea says:

    Tell Harriet I said hello, too! And TAG! You’re it! :D

  8. Dawn says:

    That was so fun! I love the pictures and the interview :) Have a great day.

  9. Mental P Mama says:

    Beautiful pics of a sometimes-pesky bird!

  10. Ann says:

    I think I’m in love with Bob. I have a Bird Crush! :)

  11. Lori says:

    Oh, new dads! So much to learn…
    Cute stuff!

  12. TSannie says:

    Brilliant emotion capture. I swear Bob actually looks exhausted in the picture when he “tells” you they had kids.
    What wonderful words and pictures!

  13. Laura ~Peach~ says:

    WOW on that camera I looked it up and its one dreams are made of! VERY COOL! are you a professioonal photographer? If not you should be!
    Hugs Laura

  14. dlyn says:

    Laura – I am not even close to a professional. It is a very good camera and I get really lucky sometimes. These birds hang out at the feeder that is just a couple feet from my back door and they are used to me because I am out there all the time – so they let me get close. I am so glad you like the photos and thanks so much for the compliment – I really appreciate it!

  15. Chris says:

    Pretty Bob~ And an illuminating interview into the mind of a new father. Way cool and made me smile!

  16. Ruth Hull Chatlien says:

    I love the photos, and the interview is so clever. Blue jays are so beautiful.

  17. Mighty Morphin' Mama says:

    Terrific photos, he really does have great expressions!
    And the interview? too cute.

  18. Mighty Morphin' Mama says:

    Terrific photos, he really does have great expressions!
    And the interview? too cute.

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