Squash Quick Bread

This recipe has been updated and moved to the new blog.
You can find it here: Butternut Squash Quick Bread

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5 Responses to Squash Quick Bread

  1. Anonymous says:

    This loaf look delicious!
    It’s something I’ve never eaten before, and I’m curious now :)

  2. Winnie says:

    The anonymous was me :)

  3. Donalyn says:

    LOL Winnie – thanks for clearing that up!

    I know that in many parts of the world, pumpkins are considered exclusively a savory vegetable, but pumpkin bread is very common here in the states, and this is a riff on that. You could use any sort of winter or hard squash that is available where you live.

  4. This looks so delish! I would love to try this out this evening with the girls for coffee.

  5. I just adore Butternut Bread! My favorite topping is a slather of Ginger-Apple Butter. Hea-ven.

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