Donalyn’s Thanksgiving Pinterest Weekly

No matter what I’m looking for, Pinterest never fails me.

Wondering how to clean something? Someone has pinned that! Looking for tips on taking better photos? Got ya covered. And if I am looking for some great ideas for Thanksgiving recipes – boom, done! It is no wonder that people get so addicted to it, because it’s like one-stop shopping for awesome. You can get lost in there though, so be careful, and make sure you tell someone where you’re going before you click – that way they can send a search party if you turn up missing. And, if you’re on Pinterest, follow me – I will follow you back, I promise! The link to my page is over there at the top of the sidebar.

So here, in no particular order, are a few of the great ideas I have found there recently, that just might make your menu planning a little bit easier.

A great soup to get things going.

Looking for a little bit different potato dish?

Or, if you feel like regular potatoes? Here’s a primer on making them perfect.

A little out of the ordinary for a side dish, but it would be so tasty with turkey.

Two kinds of bread, browned butter. sage. and bacon?? Heaven help me…

Make everyone super thankful that they don’t have to eat that awful green bean casserole – this is a huge upgrade!

And since you will be so busy, make these 30 minute rolls to save a little time.

Time for dessert! I love anything with pumpkin, and these look particularly wonderful.

And more pumpkin – you can never have too much pumpkin at Thanksgiving.

The holiday ideas on there are just endless and definitely worth checking out.
We have a lot of wonderful dessert idea on DessertStalking too, of course.
Here’s a round up of my own recipes that might be helpful as well: Thanksgiving Round Up

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