Donalyn’s Pinterest Weekly – Sept 2

I’m not even going to give any space to how long it’s been since this little weekly thing has come out. Since quitting my job to blog full time, I have been busier than ever, and I usually just feel fortunate if I can get a decent meal on the table every night. Things are settling into a rhythm now though. I’ve been working quite a lot on my newest blog, which you can find here: Cake Batter on My Shutterbutton . There, you can find tips for bloggers related to photography, social media and things like work ethic and good blogging practices.

One of the things I have really been taking a look at on that blog, is how bloggers can use Pinterest to grow their blog, to enhance their “brand”, and to offer even more value to their readers, followers and friends. These articles also contain some great tips for anyone who wants to get the most out of Pinterest, whether they blog or not, and I invite you to go and check them out.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite pins over the last week or so. I look for pins related to food [or course!], gardening, great photography, DIY stuff, cleaning and organizing tips, humor, and just regular life stuff. I hope you enjoy these and if we aren’t already connected on Pinterest, follow me, and I will follow you back!

Source: via Donalyn on Pinterest

 I love grasses, and have a number of them, but nothing like this stunning row of ‘Miscanthus’! I want to step right into that shot and take a walk.

Source: via Donalyn on Pinterest

Williams-Sonoma’s Mexican Lime Soup with chicken and avocado. This makes me think of a fall day, spent out enjoying the fine weather. After sharing a bottle wine, I would whip this up and we could eat it sitting on the porch swing, wrapped in blankets, to ward off the evening chill.

Source: via Donalyn on Pinterest

This is swoon-worthy, isn’t it? My kitchen is orange and turquoise, so it would fit right in. I have a feeling the price tag would be a little out of my budget though.

Source: via Donalyn on Pinterest

Some pretty amazing info about how sitting for long periods of time is affecting our health.

Source: via Donalyn on Pinterest

A lovely looking drink from one of my favorite bloggers, at SippitySup. We could have this after the soup!

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2 Responses to Donalyn’s Pinterest Weekly – Sept 2

  1. I just had to comment on the picture of the hedge line. Such a vibrant green on both the grass and the bushes. Simply stunning!

  2. Donalyn says:

    I agree Violet – so gorgeous!

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