Donalyn’s Pinterest Weekly – July 23, 2012

Ok, so as predicted, this is not so much a Pinterest Weekly, as it is a is a Pinterest-Every-Other-Monthly-Sorta. I think I will be more consistent in the weeks to come, but I barely peeked at Pinterest the whole last month when family was visiting so much. Things have settled now though, with lots of garden work to look forward to, along with plenty of cooking and eating the fruits of our labors. So, you might find these favorite from Pinterest to be a bit “veggie-centric”. Click on the pictures to go to the pins, and then click once more to go to the articles.

How to store produce – it can be tricky, and if you store something the wrong way, you can render things flavorless or worse yet, spoiled.from Pinterest: How to Store Produce

This recipe for Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce is from from a long-time blogging friend, Cajun Chef Ryan.

In July, you don’t want to stand still for too long, or someone will fill your arms with zucchini. It is much harder to hit a moving target, so take my advice, and don’t linger too long near the yard of a gardener. If you do find yourself loaded with summer squash, Maria of Two Peas and Their Pod has your back, with a listing of 35 recipes from food bloggers.

From Organic Gardening, I love this article about plants that will improve your mood. Eat them because they taste good, because they are good for you, and now, because they can put you in a good mood!

Finally, because you can’t live by vegetables alone, a recipe for Parmesan Green Onion Mini Scones, from Vintage Kitchen Notes. An excellent use of fresh produce, and one I plan to try just as soon it gets cool enough to turn on the oven!

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  1. ron says:

    nice – just getting into pinterest

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