Saturday Shorts

Short Features that is. Waaaay too cold for the clothing kind of shorts today.

My old camera strap was boring and I had a rough week. Retail therapy!

Go see what else she sells in her Etsy shop – maybe your camera needs a new strap too?

A couple weeks ago, I got this
It’s a Staub 6 quart porcelain over cast iron dutch oven. Purty ain’t it? I have used it for a couple soups and stews and a pot roast – it is wonderful. Today I am making my second batch of no-knead bread. It is rising right nowIt’s baked in some kind of heavy, covered vessel like the Staub. The first batch was pretty good, but the dough was too wet and it didn’t rise as much as it should. I have higher hopes for this batch and once I’m sure I can make it like it is supposed to be, I will blog my results. I am also making a soup to blog on Tuesday.

What are you doing on this fine Saturday? Do tell!

I will be back in a couple hours with a bonus Saturday recipe, so check later for that if you like winter squash.

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4 Responses to Saturday Shorts

  1. Deb says:

    Well if you read my current post over on my blog, you will read that I intended to create some great fall shots here, but we have no sun and I am moderatly pissed. The weathermen got it wrong…..AGAIN.
    You are very ambitious today…making bread…WOW! I only make bread in my breadmachine…but that, too, is still in storage! Have a nicely buttered slice for me!

  2. noble pig says:

    Love the dutch oven, I tend to collect them in all colors.

  3. Flea says:

    We are headed OUT. To view the leaves and snap pictures and let the dogs run!

  4. syrahsuzie says:

    Just started making no-knead bread about a month ago. I make a couple of loaves a week. It is definitely better the longer you leave it to rise the first time. Your batch in the photo looks really good. Now all I need is a pretty dutch oven like your Staub.
    I spent the weekend picking the last tomatoes and beans from our garden and tidying up ready for the bad weather coming our way.

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